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Badge Paper Types

At Choose 2 Rent we have a large variety of badge paper readily available for our clients. Whether our customer prefers single or double-sided badges, plastic ID credentials or just a simple adhesive sticker as name badge, we can fulfill their badge supplies preferences. To give a better understanding, below are descriptions along with related animations of all badge types. You can also use our filter tool by clicking the link below to find the perfect name badge for your next event. 

Double-Sided Badge

The most popular name badge available in 4x3 or 4x6 inch. Made of environmentally friendly paper. Paired with our biodegradable badge holder, it is our most common combination.
Most Popular

Single-Sided Badge

For badge printing on one side. Must be used with badge holder.

Butterfly Badge

Durable double-sided name badge that bonds together.

Adhesive Badge

Available in white and clear to apply on any surface.

Tear Resistant Badge

Made of the most durable material, tear resistant badges eliminate the need for holders.

Plastic Badge

The most exclusive name badge for very special occasions.
premier product

Credit Card Size
Plastic Badge

Can be used with magnet holder or retractable badge holder.

Printable Wristband

Ideal for festivals, wristbands are available in many different colors.

Pre-Printed Custom Badges

Custom pre-printed name badges are typically provided for the most cost effective on-site badge printing technology – Thermal Transfer.

Thermal Printing only prints credentials on-demand in black. A colorful design can be printed ahead of time to be used with Zebra badge printers.

We can provide custom badges in all shapes and sizes. Each badge can be with or without lanyard slots. For the material, we can provide regular paper or tear-resistant paper to make the name badges more durable. 

Custom Pre Printed Name Badges | Badge Supplies


Choose 2 Rent carries a large variety of lanyards readily available for our clients. We can also provide our customers with custom printed lanyards in all colors. Below you can find a link to our universal lanyards that are available to ship same day to your event. You can also use our filter tool by clicking the link below to find the perfect lanyard for your next event. 

Single Bulldog Clip

Durably woven, light, strong yet soft fabric single bulldog clip tubular lanyards are best used for double-sided badges with identical content on both sides.

Double Lanyard Clip

Durably woven, light, strong yet soft fabric double lanyard clip tubular lanyards can be used for single- sided or double-sided badges.
No Twist
Lanyard Tree Empty | Badge Supplies

Need a
Lanyard Tree?

We have them available!

Custom Designed Lanyards

We can customize your lanyards to match your branding, messaging, or just about any preference you have for your upcoming events including:

  •   – Material
  •   – Attachment (hook, bulldog, etc.)
  •   – Color
  •   – Width
  •   – Length
  •   – Branding/Logo
Custom Lanyards Supplied By Choose 2 Rent | Badge Supplies

Badge Holders

When selecting your badges and supplies, don’t forget about holders.  We have the style, material and size you need to fit your event badges whether they’re plastic, preprinted, oversized, single-sided or double-sided.  See our various badge holders below – we have something for everyone!

Badge Holder | Badge Supplies

Clear Plastic Badge Holder

Our plastic badge holders have (3) lanyard slots, making them compatible with single or double lanyard clips. We carry both 4x3” and 4x6” holders.

Biodegradable Badge Holder | Badge Supplies

Eco-Friendly Badge Holder

Our Eco-Friendly Badge Holders have 60% less plastic in them and are biodegradable. They will decompose in a landfill over time. These holders have (3) lanyard slots, so they're compatible with single or double lanyard clips and come in both 4x3” and 4x6”.

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