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Zebra ZD420 Basic Troubleshooting

(Click on one of the “Alert/Trouble/Issue” below  and receive a drop down of the steps to fix it.)


Printing Issues: Skipping Labels / Double Badge Print / Not Printing

Possible Cause

  1. Badge paper loaded incorrectly.
  2. Media sensor obstructed / misaligned.
  3. Calibrate printer.
  4. Pre-Printed Badge Stock.


  1. Loading Badge Stock:
    1. Open lid.
    2. Make sure the badge paper is properly inserted. With the timing mark facing down and inwards towards the printer sensors.
    3. Close Lid & Press the Pause Button once to unpause.
  2. Clearing Media Sensors:
    1. Open the lid.
    2. Wipe down any particles stuck to the top or bottom sensors that isn't allowing the printer to read the badge stock.
    3. Make sure the media sensor is aligned with your media's marks or notches. Usually the middle.
  3. Calibrating the printer:
    1. Press & Hold the Pause & Cancel buttons simultaneously for 2 seconds, printer will begin calibration.
    2. When finished open the printer head and reload back the media used for calibration.
  4. If using a Pre-Printed Badge paper, and it contains a Dark Segment on the top, cover the top sensor in the printer with a dark tape to avoid interfering with the top sensor.

Jamming Labels

Possible Cause

  1. Badge stock residue is stuck inside the roller.


  1. Remove any sticky residue attached to the roller:
    1. Open the printer head.
    2. Back out any badge stock over the black roller at the front of the printer.
    3. At both sides of the roller are 2 black plastic latches sticking out.
    4. Place your thumb on the inside of each latch, proceed to slightly push outwards and pull the latches out.
    5. Now with the roller outside use one of the provided Alcohol Swabs (printer box) to wipe the circumference of the roller.
    6. Once wiped, place it back and push the latches inwards until they click.
    7. Open the printer and check if the badge stock is rightfully placed in the roller, so it won't get cut or stuck inside the printer.

Connectivity issues

Possible Cause

  1. Printer is not receiving Print commands from the PC or Tablet.


  1. Verify the Ethernet Cable is properly latched to the printer. if it wiggles or comes off easily, try another cable.
    1. Verify the PC or Tablet is on the same network as the Printer.

Unit not powering On

Possible Cause

  1. Power connection.
  2. Power Supply.


  1. Check for loose cable connection, from the adapter or the wall plug in.
  2. Check the power box to see if the green led light is on.

If everything is connected property and problem persist change the power cable from another printer and put the bad one aside and please label it.

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