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Zebra ZD500 Basic Troubleshooting

(Click on one of the “Alert/Trouble/Issue” below  and receive a drop down of the steps to fix it.)


Printhead Open Alert / Red light is visible, (potentially flashing)

Possible Cause

  1. Cover not closed properly.
  2. Badge stock is out of place.
  3. Object caught between the latches or the rim of the printer head.


  1. To successfully close the printer head:

    Watch Video - Close printer head

    1. Open the Printer Head by pulling on both Yellow Latches.
    2. Gently bring the printer head down and apply light pressure until you hear the release latches on the side click into place. The light on the printer will then turn green.
  2. When closing the Printer Head:
    1. Place the Badge Stock correctly through the Yellow guides in a straight manner.
    2. Gently bring the Printer Head down and apply light pressure until you hear the latches click.
  3. Applying the pressure but still not hearing the click:
    1. Open backup and remove any object obstructing the latches to grab on to its locks.
    2. Look closely for any damaged / broken Yellow latches.

Printing Issues: Double Badge Printing | Improper badge prints | Blank Printing | Not Printing/calibrating

Possible Cause

  1. Badge Stock Improperly Placed.
  2. Configuration Needed.
  3. Calibration needed.
  4. Not receiving information from the Software.
  5. Sensor will need to be positioned correctly.


  1. Badge Stock:

    Watch Video - Printing Issues

    1. Should be inserted with the Timing Mark face down and the arrows pointing towards the front of the Printer.
    2. The Yellow guides inside the printer should be adjusted so that they are close to the badge stock to avoid movement but not so tight that makes it hard for the badge stock to move.
  2. Make sure the printer is set to the correct Badge Stock Specifications:
    1. Press Home.
    2. Select Settings with the D-Pad.
    3. Toggle twice to the right to Media Type.
    4. Select the Correct Media Setting for your badge stock; Auto Detect, Mark or Gap/Notch.
  3. To Calibrate Printer (Calibrating will reset previous settings):

    Watch Video - Calibration

    1. Turn Off Cutter: Home > Settings > Cutter >Off.
    2. Select the home Icon on the bottom left of the screen by pressing the button directly below the image.
      Choose the settings icon, navigate 6 clicks to the right.
    3. Scroll down with arrow keys until the display says no cutter.
    4. Press back then go right to navigate and select Tools icon.
    5. Navigate right 4 clicks until the display says media ribbon calibration.
    6. Start calibration by pressing the button directly below Start.
    7. Screen will display “Load backing printer pause”. Press the pause button to continue. (located below directional, there are three separate buttons, choose the left one (II).
    8. The printer will feed and measure several labels. The Display will report “READY’ when done.
    9. Open the Printer Head to roll in the badges used for calibration. Close the Printer Head.
    10. Turn the Cutter back On: Home > Settings > Cutter > Cut.
    11. Return Home. Done.
  4. Please check the ethernet or USB cable connections on both ends of the cable used.
    1. Verify the software has the correct Printer selected.
  5. Adjusting the Mark Sensor:

    Watch Video - Adjusting Sensor

    1. Open the printer head.
    2. Pull back the badge stock until you see the yellow slider.
    3. Move the slider so that it is below the black Mark on the Badge Stock. (This is usually in the middle and the printer has an indicator for placing the slider there).

Unit Not Powering On

Possible Cause

  1. No Power connection.
  2. Try a different power cable.


  1. Check for loose cable connections in the back of the printer, to the adapter. Make sure the cable is plugged into the wall.
  2. If everything is connected properly and problems persist change the power cable from another printer and put the bad one aside.

Cutter not working

Possible Cause

  1. Cutter Jammed.
  2. Turn Cutter On.


  1. Cutter Jammed:
    1. Open the Printer, by sliding yellow tabs on either side of printer body.
    2. Feed badge paper into the proper position and close the printer again.
    3. Hold down the pause (II) button briefly to feed paper through. repeat until printer gives full even cut.
  2. Turning the cutter on.
    1. From the menu screen select and press the HOME icon.
    2. Press left or right to navigate and select SETTINGS.
    3. Tab over with directional pad 6 times until the screen displays Cutter Mode, scroll down to select the best option for you.
    4. Press the HOME button to go back to the main MENU.

Faded text on the badge stock

Possible Cause

  1. Badge stock residue is stuck under printhead.
  2. Darkness is at a low level.
  3. Speed is at high level.


  1. When placing media, check the printer head and make sure it doesn't have any residue left over. Clean with an alcohol swab located in the printer box to prevent any further issues printing.

    Watch Video - Darkness adjustment

  2. To make text darker:
    1. Select home option.
    2. Press settings.
    3. Navigate to the right until the screen displays the darkness option.
    4. Use up directional pad to increase Darkness. As numbers get higher Darkness is more pronounced on print.
  3. Lower printing speed by:
    1. Select home option.
    2. Press settings.
    3. Navigate to the right until find print speed.
    4. Lower the speed slightly and test print.
    5. Repeat as needed.

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