Event Kiosk Self Service Registration And Badge Printing

Event Check-In, Badge Printing, QR Code Scanning and more with Choose 2 Rent's EVENT KIOSK

Everything you need at a registration desk in one convenient platform. Event Kiosk allows attendees to check-in and print their badges in seconds on demand. Its innovative design provides functionality and flexibility in a compact space, offering an efficient and inviting registration experience to attendees.

Name Badge Printing Event Kiosk

Bw Printer Icon | Event Kiosk

Print Black Name Badges

Event Kiosk supports a Direct Thermal Zebra ® printer that prints on-demand name badges with dynamic information in black. It can also print on adhesive labels or clear stickers. Pre-designed and color pre-printed paper creates can be used.

Cmyk Printer Icon | Event Kiosk

Print Full Color Name Badges

Full color, on-demand name badges are an eye catcher for event attendees. Event Kiosk supports the Epson ® C3500 printer. It prints full color user credentials on various badge sizes and types in seconds.

Session Check-in Event Kiosk

Qr Code | Event KioskEvent Kiosk is perfect for unmanned Session Check-In Stations. Attendees can scan their QR code from their badge to register for workshops. 

Nfc | Event KioskEvent Kiosk has an optional NFC reader, ideal for contactless unmanned Session Check-In, Cashless Payments, Access Control and much more. 

Facial Recognition (2) | Event Kiosk

Event Kiosk can be used for Facial Recognition Access Control. This is the true contactless Check-In experience. 

Placement Options

Kiosk Table | Event Kiosk

Table or Desk

You can use your own table. Ensure that the table height is between 30" and 32". Counter-height tables or desks are only recommended for the Kiosk without printer

Kiosk No Branding | Event Kiosk


Choose 2 Rent rents pedestals that fit perfectly into any registration area. Place the event registration kiosk in one area or at various locations throughout your venue.

Kiosk Branding | Event Kiosk

Branded Pedestal

Create eye-catching branding with your logo, color themes and imagery. Display any message on the branded pedestal for Event Kiosk.

Branding Options

Branded Event Check In Kiosk | Event Kiosk

Full Branding

A brand is the peoples sum of the perception of an event. Full branding of the Event Kiosk can make a big difference on an attendee's first impression at an event.

Branded Registration Event Kiosk

Partial Branding

Partial Event Kiosk branding is the most cost effective way to present your brand at your next conference or trade show registration desk.

Attendee Badge Printing Kiosk | Event Kiosk

No Branding

Even without branding, Event Kiosk makes a great impression on event attendees. It looks inviting and attracts customers to interact.

Event Kiosk Features

Barcode Scanner

Barcode Scanner

The optional Barcode scanner powers on when motion is detected. It scans 1D Barcodes from phone screens or name badges.

Contactless Payments

Contactless Payments

In compliance with the EMV payment standards, Event Kiosk features an optional contactless payment processor for simple and secure cashless payments. (supports tap, chip Apple Pay and Google Pay)

Credit Card Payments

Credit Card Payments

In compliance with the EMV payment standards, Event Kiosk features an optional credit card chip reader for simple and secure cashless payments.

QR Code Scanner

QR-Code Scanner

The optional QR Code scanner powers on when motion is detected. It scans QR codes from phone screens or name badges.


RFID Encoding

The optional NFC reader can be used for tap and go access control. It can also be used for cashless payments with Wristbands or Plastic Badges.

LED Light

LED Light

The build in LED can show your brand color and creates a beautiful effect. It can also be used to differentiate kiosk station purposes.
Ek Icon User Friendly | Event Kiosk

User Friendly

Easy to assemble and even easier to use!

Ek Icon High Speed | Event Kiosk

High Speed

Print your attendee badges in less than 5 seconds!

Ek Icon High Speed | Event Kiosk

Stand Out

Make a lasting impression on your attendees

Ek Icon World Shipping | Event Kiosk

Worldwide Shipping

We can ship your Registration Kiosk anywhere in the world!

Ek Icon User Friendly | Event Kiosk


Made from premium lightweight material.

Ek Icon Setup Options | Event Kiosk

Setup Options

Our On-Site Technicians can setup and support Event Kiosk.

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